Add a website to process payments for


If you would like to add another website to your private payment processing sub account, you may do so by following the directions below. You will receive your current rate of 78-80% on any website added to your processing account.



 Click “New Website” 



Once logged into your Zombaio dashboard. Look on the top toolbar and visit:

Tools  > Website Management.
Click the  “New Website” button.
Site URL:  Add the web address for the site you want processing added to.-Site Name:  Name your website
*NOTE: If your site is not a membership site, enter N/A in both the review username and review password fields. Otherwise enter the username and password to your membership area.

Review Username:  N/A
Review Password: N/A
Select: Manual Inatallation (We will install the scripts on our server)
Member URL:  Enter your web address or the address to your membership area.

Click:   Add site


Once you have added your  new site:

Tools  > Website Management.

Click the “Settings” icon.


Look for ” Postback URL (ZScript) “

IMPORTANT:  You may use the same postback URL as listed on an already approved website in your Zombaio account.  or you can download your script from the right hand side, edit it and upload it to your own server.

Alternatively you may contact us  to request that we install the scripts and set up your Zscript Postback URL for you.


Final Step (Required for approval)

Once you add a new site, you will be forwarded an email which will contain a small script that will need to be embedded into the footer of your website.  This scrip must be installed for zombaio to approve your site.

If you need help installing the footer scripts on your website, or with your postback URL; please contact our support department.





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