Add individual price buttons


If you would like to add another website to your private payment processing sub account, you may do so by following the directions below. You will receive your current rate of 78-80% on any website added to your processing account.


IMAGE 1account-PricingStructure

 Click “New Website” 

IMAGE 2add prices


Once logged into your Zombaio dashboard. Look on the top toolbar and visit:

Tools  > Pricing Structure
Click the “New Pricing” button.
Site URL:  Add the web address for the site you want processing added to.

Pricing type: > Select>  One time billing (non-recurring)
Site: > Select>  The site or profile you wish to process payments for
Sign up Price: Choose the price you would like to add
Valid days:   Select > 01 days

Click:   Add new pricing.

Repeat until you are statisfied.

Once you have added your  new price buttons: You can grab the URL linking code under the “Manage: section to the right of your prices.

Or – you may request to have one button which will allow clients to enter the price they wish to pay.

Alternatively you may contact us  to request that we set up your prices for you. Please be sure to include all desired price points.


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